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Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) is the national standard body of Thailand established under the Ministry of Industry. 

ISI’s mission is to developing standards that meet the needs and international norms;

Monitoring products and conformity assessment procedures to ensure standards and recognition;

Promoting standards implementation and development of national standardization. 

Applicants should have products tested at TISI designated testing laboratory or laboratory which has been approved by the Industrial Product Standards Council. 

TISI will perform the factory inspection,  Grants will be issued by TISI after assessment of the quality control system of the manufacturers and evaluation of products.

How JETT Can Help You

Support on how to prepare the samples for the lab. Coordinate with TISI officer to mark sample as authorized sample in order to send to TISI approved lab.

Support on how to choose an authorized Inspection Body (IB) and certified test lab


JETT can support for products certification services excepting medical equipment,complying with List of TISI Standards(electrical/electronic engineering) established under the Ministry of Industry of Thai.

How JETT can help you for application and product testing:

1. Make clear TISI procedure and requirements.

2. Make clear ITIS application form, details, required documentations, and technical information and submit to TISI.

3. JETT will prepare any letter or documentation concerning on behalf of you and submit to TISI. 

4. JETT will arrangement the sample for testing and follows up and updates status between TISI, Lab and you.

5. JETT will get TISI certificate after TISI approved.


How JETT can help you for request product information and product sample;

1. Make clear TISI procedure and requirements for Sample testing.

2. JETT will arrangement the Sample testing, follow up and updates status between laboratory and you and TISI.


How JETT can help you for factory inspection:

1. Make clear TISI procedure and requirements for factory inspection.

2. JETT will arrangement the factory inspection, follow up and update status between inspection body and you.

3. JETT will attend and support at factory for factory inspection 


Current quality system requirements for Thai Industrial Standards for Importers (requirements for factory that products are imported from)

- Organization and personnel management

- Control of machinery and infrastructure

- Control of product design

- Control of purchasing and raw materials

- Control of in process

- Control of finished goods

- Control of non-conforming products

- Identification and traceability of products

- Product storage and preservation

- Control of testing and measuring equipments

- Corrective and preventive Action to customer complaint

- Control of quality records


Benefit use at JETT's Service

- Reasonable prices;

- No more queueing;

- Confident result;

- More knowledge and get up-to-date information.

- One stop service at JETT